reopen re‧o‧pen [riˈəʊpən ǁ -ˈoʊpən] verb [intransitive, transitive]
1. COMMERCE if a company, factory, business etc reopens, or someone reopens it, it starts to do business again after being closed:

• Its 13 offices will reopen for business today.

• The stock market reopened on Friday after the six-day holiday.

2. if discussions, talks etc reopen, or someone reopens them, they begin again after they had stopped:

• The union is seeking to reopen talks aimed at settling the strike.

3. LAW if a legal case is reopened, the facts of the case are considered again in order to decide whether the decision that was made was the right one

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reopen UK US /ˌriːˈəʊpən/ verb
[I or T] COMMERCE, WORKPLACE if a place or a business reopens or is reopened, it begins to operate, or it becomes open for people to use, after being closed for a period of time: »

Strikers will return to their jobs Friday, allowing the company to reopen all of the plants.


We need to analyse investment prospects in light of how stock prices have behaved since the markets reopened.


The store closed for renovations last autumn, and is due to reopen in the summer.

[I or T] to begin or to begin something again, after a period of time: reopen discussions/negotiations/talks »

The two companies have reopened talks about a possible merger or alliance.

debate/discussions reopen »

Debate has reopened over the 35-hour week.


Shares in the company, suspended at 6.5p, could reopen at a premium this week.

[I or T] LAW if a formal process or a legal case reopens or is reopened, it begins again because new facts have appeared and the decision made originally may not have been correct: reopen a case/inquiry/investigation »

The case was reopened in 2010 after new evidence came to light.

[T] FINANCE to offer an additional amount on an existing bond, etc., at the same interest rate and with the same maturity date (= date on which it becomes ready to be paid): »

Kenya plans to reopen its 25-year bond this month and aims to raise as much as 15 billion shillings.

reopening noun [S or U]

the grand reopening of the Royal Opera House


the reopening of contract negotiations

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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